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We specialize in the localization of Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Commercials, Scripts and other media content into into more than 15 African languages.

To voice Africa through high quality and accurate localization of content for the African market.

To be known for accurate translation, perfect role distribution, good quality lip-synching and on time delivery.

Ethical business
Each person that works for the business, supplies the business, interacts with the business, or is a customer of the business, will be treated professionally, courteously, politely, honestly, and with utmost respect.

Deliver outstanding products
Each of our products must be outstanding in their content, look and feel, delivery, timing and perception, providing the best overall experience.

Think Out Of The Box
Explore and fully enjoy the freedom of creativity and Big Ideas

We provide full time localization in Yoruba, Mozambican Portuguese, Luganda, Swahili, English and African French

We have also done projects in Hausa, Tigrinya, Amharic, Somali, Juba Arabic, Juba English, Nuer, Dinka and Zulu.

We Localize into various Kenyan dialects including Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, Luo, Kisii and Kalenjin

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About Our Team

Our team is comprised of men and women, young and old representing over 10 African Countries

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Drawn from all over Africa, we consider AVDC a mini African Union. Our team is comprised of men and women, young and old representing over 10 African Countries.

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We have an incredible mixture of talent and capability and that is what makes us your ultimate partner for the African market.

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Our team loves what they do and do what they love. This passion drives them to perform incredibly hence ensuring quality products

Our Clients

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