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Below you will find our voice over artists that speak Amharic.

Our talented artists have excellent experience and have been specifically chosen for their voice. We currently have more than 550 voice samples and with our experience in the industry we can help with casting and dubbing, whatever your project.

Samples of our artists are available to listen to or download from this site but do get in touch for further help with casting or to ask about availability and rates.

Language Type Gender Name File
Amharic Narration Female Lula
Amharic Narration Female Winta
Amharic Narration Female Naomi
Amharic Narration Female Nardos
Amharic Narration Female Messeret
Amharic Narration Female Martha
Amharic Narration Female Bitsiatemariam
Amharic Narration Male Meseret
Amharic Narration Male Minase
Amharic Commercial Female Bitsiatemariam
Amharic Commercial Female Eleni
Amharic Commercial Female Nardos
Amharic Commercial Male Yonas
Amharic Commercial Male Nigatu
Amharic Commercial Male Edossa